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Win a New 32″ Smart TV!

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Check if a bed is open from anywhere via your phone


Unmatched security including bio-metric scanning

Walking distance from IUP Campus

Staffed hours with 24/7 access

Club Bronze Tanning is Indiana’s first and only 24/7 tanning salon. We offer staffed hours along side access to all the beds 24 hours a day. We offer technology nobody else can, including being able to see what beds are open at any time on your phone! No more waiting in line at the salon, now you can just log into the app, check if your bed is open and stop in. Can’t make it during staffed hours? Not a problem, all memberships are 24/7 access. You are given a key fob to get in anytime time of any day.

Safety is our number one priority. This is why you will see unmatched security levels throughout the salon. The front door is always locked, and can only be opened by your key fob. Once inside you will use a bio-metric scanner to access any of the beds during non-staffed hours. Every room has yet another lock, as well as panic buttons at the ready, where if pressed, help will arrive in no time. No matter what time of day or night, we make sure you are always safe.

We are just a short walk from campus located right on South 7th street. We will officially be open July 31st! Be sure to stop in and check us out. Our rates and technology can’t be beat!